About Me


Hi, my name is Filomena and I'm the founder of Bloom & Stone.  I've worn many different hats in my life but one thing that holds true about all of them - I always turned to my creative side!

I started many different companies before my son was born - in my head.  For some reason or another I never fully dove in until a few years ago, when I started an eco company called Your Footprint.  It was there that I first got my feet wet and really enjoyed being an entrepreneur.

Fast forward to the pandecito and some corporate cutbacks and it became full time.  That's when I first started to play around with concrete and making my own greeting cards out of the seed paper I used for our business cards.

I'm all in now!  I enjoy the process of challenging myself to see whether the impossible is possible.  And I make some interesting items along the way - items you all fall in love with.  What more could I ask for?

I now have a day job I love, a husband who makes me laugh, a teenager who keeps me on my toes and a dog who I'm crazy about that doesn't like to cuddle.

Welcome to my world, I hope you enjoy your stay!